Plays Gathering And Sharing Stories That Resonate With, Empower, And Connect Individuals Throughout The Culturally Rich And Diverse Communities Of Hawai'i.



807 Kaluanui Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

PHONE: 808-218-0103

Playbuilders of Hawai‘i Theater Company is a roving, multi-ethnic ensemble of experienced theatre makers who wish, through theatre, to create opportunities for effective communication and cultural exchange between the many diverse peoples of Hawaii by traveling to Hawai‘i’s geographic neighborhoods or other small communities to produce plays based on knowledge shared by community members. Although there are many companies of this type in the United States and other parts of the world, Playbuilders is Hawai‘i’s first and only.

PlayBuilder performances occur after an assortment of creative and collaborative workshops, with a single play taking up to two years to conceptualize, develop, produce, and execute. Tickets are available online, or by calling the theatre for more information. Additionally, PlayBuilders of Hawaii hosts theatre-building activities, projects, and fundraiser events throughout the year.