To Facilitate Cultural Dialogue By Presenting And Developing The Work Of Local, National, and International Artists And Sponsoring Outreach Education And Performances.



96-045 Ala Ike
Honolulu, Hawaii 96782

PHONE: 808-455-0380

The Leeward Theatre was built in 1974 as a gathering place for art and culture on the Leeward Community College campus, serving the greater Leeward O‘ahu area. Its mission is to facilitate cultural dialogue by presenting and developing the work of local, national, and international artists and sponsoring outreach education and performances, while also advocating for the sustainability of its community with a special commitment to local artists and Native Hawaiian culture.

Leeward Theatre plays run Thursday through Saturday for two weekends, with five plays produced per season from September through April. Tickets are available online, or by visiting or calling the box office. Additionally, the theatre hosts choir, orchestra, and guitar concerts throughout the year.