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"The Wolves" by Kailua Onstage Arts

"The Wolves" by Kailua Onstage Arts


The Wolves

Kailua Onstage Arts

August 31-September 16

Friday, Saturday 7:30pm & Sunday 4pm

Kailua Onstage Arts launches its inaugural season with the Hawaii Premiere of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe. A 2017 Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, this highly acclaimed play explores the lives, hearts and minds of nine high school girls on an indoor soccer team. 

The fictional soccer team of The Wolves is comprised of nine fiercely talented young actresses: Chelsea Cox, Alyse Glaser, Grace Grange, Lily Kim-Dela Cruz, Maggie Odom, Ruby O'Malley, Camille Perry, Kira Stone, and Ka'ena Watson. All have been pushed to new heights by the demands of the play. Director Stacy Ray reports, “The cast has become a pack: dependent on one another, protective of one another, supportive and challenging of one another.  Just like wolves in the wild – no weak links allowed – all are focused on the same goal, the strength and stability of the pack.”

Playwright Sarah DeLappe’s keen ear for dialogue reveals a world often overlooked or simplified by adult writers. The script “is 100% Teenage Girls,” says director Ray. “A constant thought exchange with no subject off limits. It will remind you that each moment of life is capable of great passion, joy, laughter, and love.”

Kailua Onstage Arts is a new, non-profit performing arts company based in downtown Kailua and dedicated to presenting works that give voice to the voiceless – those who have gone mostly unheard because of their race, gender, sexuality, geographic location, or economic condition.

KOA Artistic Director Kevin Keaveney was drawn to the play and chose it as the fledgling theater’s first production because “it’s unlike anything I’d ever seen onstage. Although it’s extremely specific to the lives of these teenage girls, it’s also a universally relatable portrayal of the human experience. Conversations and events stream by in a seemingly trivial flood of mundanity, but out of that rise eddies and currents of deep philosophy, pain, humor, giddy exhilaration, and the drive to win, to survive, to persist.”


by Sarah DeLappe

August 31 – September 16; Friday, Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 4pm

Tickets range from $20-$30 and are on sale online at www.kailuaonstagearts.com

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