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Uncle's Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is EXTENDED!

Uncle's Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is EXTENDED!


Lee Cataluna's Uncle's Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is CANCELLED Tonight 
EXTENDED for two weeks!

"Uncle's Regularly Scheduled Garage Party Is Cancelled Tonight! brings out the best of Hawaii local culture and audience singalong.....a real hoot of a play.” - Lee Ann Taylor

Our current run of Lee Cataluna's latest smash hit is completely sold out.  If you didn't get a chance to see it yet, or would like to come back, never fear - we're extending for two additional weeks!

 "I really loved it 2 thumbs up for Lee Cataluna” - Anne Akemi Souza 

 The extension will run through July 16th and tickets are now on sale.

Because of the additional cost of the extension, we will be raising our prices slightly for these performances; however, you may purchase tickets at our usual rates until June 19th using the code PARTYON.  

You can use that code when ordering online, or when you call or visit the box office.  When ordering online, after you've selected your show date, you come to the Select Seats screen.  At the bottom of that screen you'll see a space to fill in and apply your Promotional Code.  That's where you enter PARTYON.

The discount code will no longer be valid after June 19th.

Many thanks for making the run of this show such a success and for supporting theatre by and about Hawaii's people!

"As an audience member watching Uncle's Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is Cancelled Tonight, I felt like an extended-integrated member of the play. 

This play gave me a homey feeling and showcases Hawaii's local culture; particularly, how the locals party in their garage-- talking stories, jamming the music, grinding the good food, and most importantly sharing the aloha ohana vibe with everybody. Besides undergoing the nostalgia, this play is fun, comical, and amusing.” - Shirley T


These Excellent Partners of Ours

We are very grateful to all of our partners for sharing their expertise, talent and space with us.  Please feel free to love them as much as we do!



Kumu Kahua Theatre Box Office
(M-F 11AM-3PM) 

Kumu Kahua productions are supported in part by The Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts through appropriations from the Legislature of the State of Hawai`i and by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Also paid for in part by the taxpayers of the City & County of Honolulu; the Mayor's Office of Culture and the Arts; The Atherton Foundation, McInerny Foundation (Bank of Hawai'i, Trustee); Hawaiian Electric Company; The Star-Advertiser and other foundations, businesses and patrons.



Come Play With Us

Since you love us enough to have read this far down the newsletter, perhaps you'd like to get involved a little further in Kumu Kahua Theatre.  Well, it just so happens that we have some openings!

  • Committee Members (marketing, resource development, events, etc.)
  • Board Members
  • Set Builders
  • Ushers

And much more.  If you would like to help, we'll be happy to find a place for you here for any amount of time you have available.  Just send us an email to get started.

If you'd prefer to help by donating to Kumu Kahua Theatre... well we'd be happy to accept that too! 


We sincerely apologize for the lack of, or wonky diacriticals in this email.  
Unfortunately, our email system sometimes turns them into gobbeldygook!


Uncle’s Regularly Scheduled Garage Party is CANCELLED Tonight
Thursday June 1, 2017 to Sunday July 2, 2017 A World Premiere by Lee Cataluna
Directed by Harry Wong III
Uncle's regularly scheduled garage party is cancelled for the first time in -- ever! The usual attendees show up and process their shock over the cancellation-- while they eat, drink, talk story and play music. Uncle isn't saying why the party is cancelled, but everyone has a theory: Illness? Financial troubles? Marital discord? Gambling problem? Eviction? Erosion of societal values and loss of culture? Or is Aunty just sick and tired of all their shenanigans?


Kumu Kahua Theatre uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Kumu Kahua Theatre - 46 Merchant St, Honolulu, HI, 96813, (808) 536-4441
Vendini, Inc. - 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

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