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Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni for 2017 Sought

Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni for 2017 Sought

Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni 2016

Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni 2016

What: The Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni Seeks Nominees for 2017

General Contact: The Leeward Theatre, (808) 455-0380, or email LTheatre@hawaii.edu

Nomination Form Link: https://docs.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf31ZpI3YVCLc8V59mBRDMnaieQKj6waafh3eELtXa99-2s4w/viewform

Nominations are Open for the Leeward Theatre’s 2017 Distinguished Alumni Awards!  

Pearl City, Hawaii – Leeward Community College – May 2, 2017

43 years ago The Leeward Theatre first opened its doors to the sound of Rap Reiplinger blowing a conch shell at the center of the Mainstage. Since that time The Leeward Theatre has seen well over four million people pass through its doors. The Leeward Theatre has a history of presenting touring artists, local artists, and supporting the work of student artists. Every year The Leeward Theatre produces a range of programming for our community: from musical theatre, to classical guitar concerts, to international touring music and dance troupes.

During our 40th anniversary season The Leeward Theatre started the tradition of honoring Leeward Community College alumni from the performing arts that have helped to shape the artistic voice of O‘ahu and Hawai‘i.  We have a number of alumni out there who have accomplished great things and really made a difference for the performing arts. We want to honor all of their accomplishments. We are looking at presenting three awards, one for each area of the performing arts that we teach here at the college (theatre, music, and dance).

Nominations must be received by July 1, 2017.

Past Leeward Theatre Distinguished Alumni Awardees:

Karen Meyer (theatre, 2016), Kristian Lei (music, 2016), Philip Amer Kelley-Crawford (dance, 2016), Sarah Y. Whitehead (theatre, 2015), Rev. Dennis Kamakahi (music, 2015), Marcelo Pacleb (dance, 2015), Troy M. Apostol (theatre, 2014), Starr Kalahiki (music, 2014), and Peter Rockford Espiritu (dance, 2014).

Each of these individuals has played a major role in shaping the artistic voice of O‘ahu and Hawai‘i.

About The Leeward Theatre at Leeward Community College

The Leeward Theatre exists as a place where creativity is practiced on a daily basis – where students, community members, and trained artists can engage with and empower one another. We feel it is our duty to support local artists and grow local talent.  Over the past 43 years, The Leeward Theatre has been an active incubator to individual artists as well as performance groups like Honolulu Theatre for Youth, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Tau Dance Company, Hawaii Ballet, and many others.

Any individuals who want to donate to The Leeward Theatre can do so by going to:


Funds will go to the Friends of the Leeward Theatre to be used for community outreach activities, engaging local and international artists, and updating the Theatre’s lighting and sound systems. There will also be opportunities to contribute to student scholarships in the Performing Arts.


The Leeward Theatre
at Leeward Community College
96-045 Ala ‘Ike; Room TH-207
Pearl City, HI 96782
FAX: (808) 455-0384
PHONE: (808) 455-0380
Email: LTheatre@hawaii.edu
Web: http://LCCTheatre.hawaii.edu





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