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Looking for Volunteer HPD Actors

Looking for Volunteer HPD Actors

Aloha, this message is being sent on behalf of the HPD, courtesy of TAG.  Please do not reply to this email if you are interested.  Instead use the email at the end of the message.

My name is Jon CASTRO.  I am a Sergeant at the Honolulu Police Department's Training Division.  I am responsible for the scenario-based testing before recruits graduate.

We are looking for interested persons in drama/theater that would qualify as actors, to volunteer for our program.

If this is something that might interest you or your peers, I have attached a brief program description.

Thank you for your time.



This message is being sent out to persons who are currently in drama and/or theater. The Honolulu Police Department Training Division is looking for individuals who may be interested in volunteering as actors for their Field Exercises (FEX). The Field Exercises is the final scenario-based testing phase for Honolulu Police Recruits before they graduate. Recruits undergo several nights of scenario-based testing where they are evaluated and graded. If a recruit does not pass FEX, he/she does not graduate.

The FEX is held on the campus of the Honolulu Police Department's Training Division (Ke Kula Makai), located at 93-093 Waipahu Depot Street Waipahu, Hawaii 96797. The FEX starts at 2:30pm through 11:15pm.

For many years the Honolulu Police Department Training Division utilized civilian volunteer actors for the recruit testing. Having the civilian volunteer actors was invaluable to the program. In 2008 the program was put on hold due to personnel changes at the Training Division. The Training Division is seeking to revive the program and create a select and limited group of civilian volunteer actors. Actors will be asked to play roles as either complainants, victims, witnesses, or suspect in crimes. Scenarios can vary from static cold cases, to dynamic aggressive arrest situations involving high stress. Whatever the role is, the Training Division staff will ensure the safety of all involved.

Various locations on the academy campus are used as testing sites. The sites are designed to replicate different settings for crime scenes. Each scenario site is staffed by Training Division personnel who assume roles such as a Site Coordinator, a Safety Officer, and Evaluator(s). All sites are operated with strong emphasis on safety of all participants, and consistency for all scenarios.

Participating as a volunteer actor benefits all involved. An actor can provide that different face that a recruit is not familiar with, while providing realism in a scenario. Being an actor will also give you insight to different situations law enforcement officers may face in police work. Overall, participation as a volunteer actor can help improve communication between civilians and the police officers and result in positive interactions and relationships.

Persons interested in becoming a volunteer actor would be required to complete a waiver form and also submit to a brief background check. Once that process is complete, the Training Division Recruit Support Sergeant will provide qualified volunteers with further details of the upcoming FEX events.

If becoming a volunteer actor interests you, please contact Sergeant Jonathan CASTROat 808-723-8331 or e-mail: jcastro1@honolulu.gov.

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